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Welcome to Retro Roots.

Just a couple of hardworking, garden loving Mamas. We’d like to share our creativity, plant love and custom touch to your home. All materials used are recycled, rejuvenated, or refurbished to make our planet better. One pot of dirt at a time.

Covid hit everyone hard naturally, we spent our shelter in place time in the garden, feeling the dirt, basking in the sun, and trying to grip on what was left of regular life. Our passion for rare foliage grew, we seek high and low to provide rare Alocasias, Monsteras, Philodendrons, and all things unique and beautiful.

Let our creations amuse and wonder you. You have one life, fill it with Green Life.

Your retro green team.

Providing you with life's necessities.. better air, a better view, with some love and care.


Retro Roots

Palm Harbor, Florida