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99 Problems
A Bug Ain’t 1

Have you run into issues with plant pests? Well, we have the solution for you! Our plant spray is a great insect solution for indoor plants. It offers long lasting protection and no mixing is required. The spray can be used for both prevention & maintenance. Enjoy the fresh lemon scent and our safe ingredients.

Directions for use:

  1. Shake before use
  2. Spray the top and bottom of leaves completely.
  3. Keep treated plants out of direct sunlight
  4. Use for prevention every 3-4 weeks or use for treatment weekly

Please note that these are general guidelines and may vary depending on your specific plant species and growing conditions.
Always do a test section to check plants sensitivity to insecticides.


Neem Oil
Worm Tea
Lemon Myrtle Oil
Castile Soap
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