Calathea Lancifolia Rattlesnake


Transform your space into a tropical oasis!


Experience the allure of the Calathea Lancifolia, also known as the Rattlesnake plant, with its unique and captivating foliage. Named for its striking pattern resembling the skin of a rattlesnake, this plant adds a touch of exotic beauty to any indoor space.

Native to the tropical forests of Brazil, the Calathea Lancifolia thrives in low to medium light conditions, making it perfect for brightening up any corner of your home or office. Its eye-catching leaves feature dark green stripes against a light green background, creating a mesmerizing display.

Easy to care for, the Calathea Lancifolia prefers consistently moist soil and high humidity. Keep its soil lightly moist at all times and mist its leaves regularly to maintain humidity levels.